Unreal® Tournament 200x Benchmark
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UMark for Linux

UMark for Linux tries to look (but better) and feel like the original Windows® version. Some functionality and features may be slightly different, as the Unreal® Engine treats configuration in the two operating systems differently. Most of the differences will be internal, and transparent to the user.

This port of UMark is a complete rewrite, as a great deal of the original UMark code is Windows®-centric, therefore it cannot be reused. In fact, this Linux port of UMark is being developed using Perl and C with Gtk+ 2.0, as opposed to C++ with the MFC framework.


UMark for Linux will eventually be able to function very much like its Windows® counterparts. Currently it is compatible with UT2003 and UT2004, both retail and demo versions. It can also read/write .umark results files which are completely compatible with reading/writing in the Windows® version. The development builds support timedemo benchmarking. In the near future, UMark for Linux will be able to submit scores to UMark Online, the same database as the original UMark uses. Users will be able to compare benchmarking between different operating systems.

Development Snapshots

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