Unreal® Tournament 200x Benchmark
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Linux Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is UMark freely available? Why is there a registration page?
A. The UMark software is completely free and fully functional without registering. Registration is only for those who wish to support the developer or access and submit their scores to the UMark Online database to compare or compete with other benchmarkers.

Q. Where can I download UMark from?
A. At the very top of this page, where it says "Quick Download", select a version and a mirror, and click the "dl" button. Other UT community sites may host the file as well, but to guarantee you have the latest official version, get it from here.

Q. I've created my own demo recordings, but none of my demo files are showing up in UMark's combo box when Timedemo is checked. How can I benchmark my own timedemos?
A. UT2004 seems to be hard-coded to execute timedemos from it's installation directory instead of the home directory. Therefore, you must copy your timedemo files to the respective folder in the installtion direcotry.

Q. I've downloaded a UMark timedemo bonus pack...now what do I do with this .ut4mod/ut2mod file?
A. Umod files (ut4mod for ut2004 and ut2mod for ut2003) are the standard and preferred Unreal® engine installation format. To install a umod, go into the installed UT200x/System directory and type `./ucc-bin umodunpack -x UmodFileName -nohomedir`. If you have problmes with it, just download the .zip version.

Q. Where it says "Choose a map", the combo box is empty. Doesn't UMark detect installed maps automatically? What gives?
A. UMark detects installed maps, if it knows where your UT200x is installed. Make sure you have ran the install_umark_data.sh script for each user you plan to use UMark with. If you need to tell UMark where UT200x is installed manually, edit your ~/.umarkrc file.

Q. My lowframerate.log and benchmark.log files are empty after using UMark. Why is that, and how can I access my previous results?
A. UMark uses data from lowframerate.log and benchmark.log to help generate its own logs. Therefore, they have to be erased when UMark launches to clear out previous results. The Logs, Results, and CSVs folders in the UT200x\Benchmark directory contain an abundance of benchmarking history. You may also use UMark to save and load .umark results files.

Q. Why can't I submit scores online after loading previous benchmark results from a .umark results file?
A. System information gathering and ini file checking can only be guaranteed as accurate at the time the benchmark was made. For security reasons, users can only submit their scores right after the benchmark has run.

Q. When I run a flyby benchmark, the camera doesn't move at all. What causes this?
A. Flyby benchmarks are only supported by certain maps that have camaera paths. Choose the preset map list "Unreal Tournament 2003 Flyby" to run supported flyby benchmarks. Otherwise, you'll need to control the camera manually, with the mouse and keyboard. Note that this is not a proper method of benchmarking.

Q. Why are timedemo benchmarks only available for retail versions of UT200x?
A. There are no guarantees, and in fact a slight chance, that a demo version of UT200x will have the map installed in which the timedemo was recorded. Timedemos also didn't seem to work on demo versions of UT200x during UMark's testing.